Critical Thinking And Reasoning Skills

Critical Thinking And Reasoning Skills-7
You will be provided with a small passage of information and you will need to evaluate a conclusion made based on that passage.

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Richard Paul and Jane Willsen provide down-to-earth examples that enable the reader to appreciate both the most general characteristics of critical thinking and their specific manifestations on the concrete level.

It is essential, of course, that the reader becomes clear about the concept, including its translation into cases, for otherwise she is apt to mis-translate the concept or fail to see its relevance in a wide variety of circumstances.

The danger of misunderstanding and mis-application is touched upon in this chapter at the end, but is developed at great length in another chapter, “Pseudo Critical Thinking in the Educational Establishment” (p. Effectively evaluating our own thinking and the thinking of others is a habit few of us practice.

We evaluate which washing machine to buy after reading Consumer Reports, we evaluate which movie to go see after studying the reviews, we evaluate new job opportunities after talking with friends and colleagues, but rarely do we explicitly evaluate the quality of our thinking (or the thinking of our students).

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In these questions you are given a passage of information followed by a proposed conclusion.

You are to regard the information you are given as true and decide whether the proposed conclusion logically and beyond doubt follows.


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