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Could "Romeo and Juliet" easily become a comedy with a few plot changes and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" delved into tragedy with a couple of tweaks?When writing college papers, be sure to choose an approach that displays your ability to critique, create, compare and contrast. For example, if you've recently learned about differentiation theories -- ways of teaching content that challenges students at a wide range of skill levels -- be prepared to exhibit how you would apply this skill.

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Choose a topic complex enough to have more than one root cause.

Explain the similarities and differences between two somewhat related things.

First of all, get acquainted with these topics and only after that, compose a plan and start writing.

Look through our guide on how to write a critical essay as well to have a full picture of requirements towards the particular paper type.

In an education class, consider writing a paper that explains how you would teach a single skill, such as spelling, to a group of 30 students at various levels.

Be sure to include special strategies for students with specific learning disabilities.

It requires you to synthesize learned information from several sources into something your own.

As a cumulative assessment in a college course, consider writing a proposal that incorporates most of the information learned throughout the course.

The word “criticism” for many is associated with condemnation, the identification of negative aspects.

You might think that writing a critical essay boils down to smashing all the author’s arguments and showing how weak his or her work is. Our critical essay topics show that criticism implies an analysis that identifies both the negative and the positive aspects of the subject under consideration.


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