Critiquing A Research Paper

Critiquing A Research Paper-9
It makes judgment, positive or negative, about the text using various criteria.It is an overall critical appraisal, which mainly focus on the reliability, validity, strengths and weakness, rather than the faults or weakness of the research (New South Wales University, learning Centre).

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PROTECTING THE PARTICIPANT’S RIGHTS: Approval was obtained from regional committee for medical and health research.

The Ethical issues related to the research include informed consent, the identity of the researcher, the purpose and nature of the study, the right to refuse and to participate and other such as responsibilities of researcher and possible study benefits, privacy, autonomy, confidentiality, etc.

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So they feel their integrity is at risk in nurse patient interaction and care. So it is very important to study those aspects and find out the drawbacks and rectified them so the residents feel safer, secure and live their life happily in nursing home.

The match between the research problem and the qualitative paradigm and tradition used in the study is good.

Purpose of the essay- The aim of this assignment is to develop a solid understanding of the experiences of residents in nursing home care by critiquing a published qualitative health research.

In this article critical thinking frame work is based on critical review guideline for qualitative studies by Beck, C 2009, ‘Critiquing Qualitative Research, Aorn Journal, vol 90,issue 4, pp. Reason behind to use this frame is that this frame provides specific guideline and cover all most all questions of critique such as how to do critique on title, phenomenon, structure, research design analysis data, findings and other prospective of the article.

CONCEPTUAL UNDERPINNINGS: The researcher provided a conceptual definition of the key concept of interpersonal aspects of quality care.

This helps the reader to understand what interpersonal aspects of nursing referred to, and it include not only medical care but also physical and psychological care, to protect their integrity and to recognize their individual psychosocial needs.


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