Descriptive Essay On A Busy Market Place

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Still more people arrive, they come from all walks of life, mingling freely and harmoniously.

Crowds are walking up and down in an endless stream.

It is an amazing kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, smells and colours.

The night market is known as a haven by local ‘gourmets’ who can enjoy various kinds of mouth-watering local cuisine.

Even so, the mere mention of those things likely conjured up entire settings for you.

So again, just finding one really evocative smell to describe will go a long way. And if they are truly silent, describing the of sound will be interesting in itself.So if you’re describing a seaside setting, for example, mention screeching gulls and waves breaking on pebbles to add an extra dimension to the description.If you’re describing a character walking through a hotel lobby, mention his metal heels clicking on the marble, or the jangle of loose change in his pocket.Here are some other things you could say about the character… When describing something in your novel (a character or a setting), don’t restrict yourself to the purely visual.Also think about how a person or a place smells, tastes, sounds and feels. Just for fun, though, let’s run through each of the senses in more detail (including the sixth sense! Okay, you don’t want to restrict yourself to how things look, but sight is still the most important sense to engage in good descriptive writing.BY JENNY TANTHIS week we look into descriptive writing where you may be required to describe a person, a thing, a place, or an event.Typical questions: 1 Describe a teacher who has influenced your life 2 Describe a scene at a crowded bus station 3 My mother 4 My favourite person 5 My dream car HERE'S HOW WE DO IT Let's say you have decided to answer the first question.The night wears on and the traffic of people recedes. One by one, they leave, leaving behind pieces of papers, plastic bags and discarded boxes. Vendors get a chance to rest their weary legs besides bantering with each other. You may visit and experience the night market yourselves.Both locals and foreigners agree that the night market is the most common feature in the local society.


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