Discipline And Punctuality Essays

Being punctual will definitely pay rich dividends in the long run.Importance of discipline and punctuality in everyone’s life: It is good to develop punctuality right from childhood.With mass scale advertising coming into the life of students at a very early age, it is quite natural for them to be affected by them and be attracted to them.

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This is because time flows very fast and you will find yourself in soup just by making a small mistake.

If you are quite disciplined, then you can easily avoid these temptations and emerge victoriously.

Punctuality is a characteristic of a particular person by virtue of which he or she will have the ability to complete a particular task within an exact time limit; it goes hand in hand with discipline.

This characteristic is very much required in the life of students.

When people saw how much disciplined and dedicated you are towards your work, opportunities will come knocking at your doorstep.

You will see for yourself that people, who do not live a disciplined life, often find the lack of peace and prosperity in their lives.By being punctual, a student will be able to handle everything from appointments to assignments within the stipulated time frame.This is a trait which not only a student but all people must carry at all points of their life.As your age increases when you are still a student, lots of changes will be taking place in your life. you have to constantly question your activities and ask yourself whether the thing you are doing is right or not.In this manner, you will never stop being disciplined and punctual.Not only the family members but all people in the society will also respect you for being always on time.The people who work in the defence sector are trained in such a way that they automatically develop a punctual attitude.However, there is no specific age to start learning about punctuality.When you are punctual, you will be able to complete all things quite promptly at a particular time.Students, who are quite punctual, seldom receive the wrath of teachers too and remain in their good book.When the trait of punctuality is combined with that of discipline, a student becomes a favorite of all people, including parents and teachers.


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