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Because a literature review is a summary and analysis of the relevant publications on a topic, we first have to understand what is meant by ‘the literature’.

In this case, ‘the literature’ is a collection of all of the relevant written sources on a topic.

Features of trade publications: Trade publications are geared towards professionals in a discipline.

They report news and trends in a field, but not original research.

Once you have that essential overview, you delve into the seminal literature of the field.

As a result, while your literature review may consist of research articles tightly focused on your topic with secondary and tertiary sources used more sparingly, all three types of information (primary, secondary, tertiary) are critical to your research.When drawing boundaries around an idea, topic, or subject area, it helps to think about how and where the information for the field is produced.For this, you need to identify the disciplines of knowledge production in a subject area.It will include both theoretical and empirical works.Both types provide scope and depth to a literature review.You will find, in ‘the literature,’ documents that explain the background of your topic so the reader knows where you found loose ends in the established research of the field and what led you to your own project.Although your own literature review will focus on primary, peer-reviewed resources, it will begin by grounding yourself in background subject information generally found in secondary and tertiary sources such as books and encyclopedias.Disciplines are knowledge-producing and -disseminating systems which consume, produce and disseminate knowledge.Looking through a course catalog of a post-secondary educational institution gives clues to the structure of a discipline structure.Fields such as political science, biology, history and mathematics are unique disciplines, as are education and nursing, with their own logic for how and where new knowledge is introduced and made accessible.You will need to become comfortable with identifying the disciplines that might contribute information to any search strategy.


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