Dissertation 3 Methodology

Dissertation 3 Methodology-77
The "introduction" and "background" sections provide the reader with an overview of the topic or problem.

The "introduction" and "background" sections provide the reader with an overview of the topic or problem.

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In the proposal, you are proposing to do something in the future.

Therefore, the proposal needs to be written in the future tense.

After thinking about this topic, talking about it with friends, colleagues, family, and faculty, you decide that you want to know if the needs of the child care program in your company (the XYZ company) are adequate, assess the effectiveness of the program and see if perceptions of labor and management regarding the needs and program effectiveness are different.

In the introduction section, it is entirely appropriate to introduce the reader to the topic by discussing how the family has changed in the past two or three generations and how this has impacted business.

As most proposals contain three chapters, it is not unusual that with tense changes from future to past and other slight modifications, the proposal will become the first three chapters of the final study.

The purpose of the proposal is to describe in some detail the topic or problem (chapter one), relevant literature (chapter two) and methodology (chapter three) of your proposed study.

Again, this is not intended to be all-inclusive but should show that this is a topic that has been with us for some time.

Once you have provided this brief overview, it should be summed up in a very brief (1-2 paragraphs) section referred to as the "statement of the problem".

It is helpful to think of the proposal in relation to the first three chapters of the completed study.

Keep in mind that the final thesis or dissertation is always written in the past tense.


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