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Students will receive supervision in planning and writing their project from a member of the Department with expertise on the chosen topic.Second year students should indicate the topic for their project on a form from the undergraduate administrator, outlining the main themes and their intended supervisor.

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Junior Seminars The purpose of the junior seminar (besides learning an interesting bit of mathematics not usually taught in courses) is to learn and experience the art of mathematical exposition, i.e.

how to mathematics in a way that is accessible, clear, and interesting to others.

Show the form to your intended supervisor before handing the form in on the specified day, the first Monday in February, during year two.

The bulk of the work for the project will be done in Semester 1, the Christmas vacation and the first half of Semester 2 in year three.

All mathematics majors are expected to take a junior seminar during at least one semester of their junior year.

In the other semester they can participate in a second junior seminar, or they can write a junior paper instead.Treatment group teachers were provided with lesson plans and materials and were given instruction in the model; comparison group classes were given no particular instructional treatment other than that normally conducted during this period.Theses and dissertations represent a wealth of scholarly and artistic content created by masters and doctoral students in the degree-seeking process.In all cases, the emphasis is placed on the ability to delve deeply into a mathematical area, and to communicate mathematical ideas in this area with rigor, motivation, clarity, and logical reasoning.The formal independent work requirements in the mathematics department consist of a junior seminar and/or junior paper during each term of the junior year, (with all students completing at least one junior seminar) and a senior thesis in the final year.It may consist of an exposition of a novel approach to, or perspective on, a particular area or problem in pure or applied mathematics.In rarer cases, it may consist of new theorems, conjectures, computations, or applications that were previously unknown.We have a stapler in the office that can manage up to 50 sheets, which you are welcome to use if you wish.Are we able to go over/under the 8,000 word count by 5% as in other essays? With regard to going under the word count, there is actually no official limit – the penalty of writing much less than the word limit comes naturally from not having written enough on the subject...With regard to going over, please do keep in mind that the 5% is supposed to act as a buffer, not as a kind of ‘bonus’ word limit, so please do still aim for close to 8,000 words, rather than 8,400.The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a direct instruction model as a means of enhancing secondary students' schema for expository text.


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