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So, at first, select good topic and find sources that would be relevant.

Generally, there should be just between two and five paragraphs in your essay.

Pay close attention to their date — the more current all sources are, the better, and make sure they’re peer-reviewed.

Read an abstract or a summary of the work you’ve found. Remember, each source must actually contribute something to short essay.

When assigned a college essay, make sure to check the specific structural conventions related to your essay genre, your field of study, and your professor's expectations."Tip: Some writers find it helpful to write the introduction after they've written the rest of the essay.

Once you've written out your main points, it's easier to summarize the gist of your essay in a few introductory sentences.Once you've chosen a topic, do some research and narrow down the main argument(s) you'd like to make.From there, you'll need to write an outline and flesh out your essay, which should consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion.This way, you’ll become a sharp communicator, which is an essential skill in every profession. The main feature of short essay writing is that students must put all their ideas and arguments into a limited amount of space.Usually, short essays take between 200 and 500 words, depending on the topic and teacher’s requirements.Tip: If possible, have someone else check your work.When you've been looking at your own writing for too long, your brain begins to fill in what it expects to see rather than what's actually there, making it harder for you to spot mistakes.An essay is a common type of academic writing that you'll likely be asked to do in multiple classes.Before you start writing your essay, make sure you understand the details of the assignment so that you know how to approach the essay and what your focus should be.The good news is, since essay is short, you will normally need just a few sources, about two or three.They might be articles from the respectable US journals or books, such as the ones published by Sage Publications.


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