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On the other hand through ventures to improve levels of sales and with new markets to explore there are methods to offset the potential decreases which the market may throw at the business. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. However although the revenue is relatively high the participation of 40% marketing costs results in a low profit margin participation overall.

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A key advantage EBay holds over other retailers operating on line is the technological development and innovation, through the use of acquisitions EBay are able to challenge the status quo and establish improved transactional capability.

EBay have made strategic acquisitions in media companies, for example telecoms Skype.

5.0 Conclusion EBay is well aware that in order for the company to maintain its competitive advantage and make it sustainable in the long run, the company must take advantage of the changes at the corporate, organisational and business levels.

EBay embraces the five building blocks which are applied randomly throughout e Bay's history: improvisation, co-adaption, regeneration, experimentation and time pacing as evident by the strategies discussed.

Individuals are able to obtain and purchase their needed and wanted items directly, without the hassle of traveling and physically looking for the products through online auctions.

Strategies are deemed important in responding to various internal and external threats and problems which can directly and indirectly impact organisational decision making. Introduction Strategic Management: The Case of e Bay 1.0 Introduction With achieving sustainable competitive advantage as the goal, organisational changes are considered to be an important part of the development process of a particular company.Aside from globalisation, technology also plays an important role in the changes among modern organisations.Technological boom, specifically through the dotcom and World Wide Web, had become one of the inevitable ways in obtaining a wealth of information about a certain issue or topic.For the organisations, the Internet was perceived to be a significant avenue for doing business and marketing per se such as being done by e Bay with their online auction.Such strategy was known as co-adoption where e Bay diversified the firms into units and then collaborated with individuals within the system.Such action was known to be an element of expanding the traditional business model where e Bay now shifts its focus on exploiting economies of scale and scope and extending offerings to new market segments (Brown and Eisenhardt, 1998). Conclusion Fable was more focused on short-term successes, missing the opportunities for new products growth.This report purports to present and discuss the case of e Bay through investigating the strategies that the company employs.Likewise, the paper will also address the building blocks unique to the company.Product diversification within the trading areas and the range of price points results in attracting presence from many demographic groups within the marketing mix.With minimal operating costs from this model one would assume the levels of revenue drive high levels of profits for this business which would drive forward as a key success factor.


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