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The pediatric emergency department is a venue where communication skills go a long way.Whether you're demonstrating the superpowers of your "magic flashlight" in order to look in a three year old's ears, easing a mom's worries about a high fever, or making a consult, effective communication is extremely important.This case illustrates well those things that attract me to pediatric emergency medicine.

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I can't wait to be a part of the pediatric emergency medicine family, and I'll be proud to call myself your colleague one day.

survey has projected that the 2015 Medical Residency Match rate will likely hit 100% with nearly all applicants matching into their first choice program.

From the moment I took my first, tremulous step through the doors of the hospital with my freshly ironed white coat and my newly minted title of MD, I knew I wanted to have a career in the field of pediatric emergency medicine.

To anyone who loves kids, the reasons are obvious, plentiful, and easy to understand. They are vibrant and happy, and, for the most part, when they present to your ED, some combination of a silly face, a sticker, a popsicle, and your flavored antipyretic of choice cures what ails them and they go home to continue being cute little monsters.

Beyond being a venue for furthering my interest in advocacy and research, I also know that a fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine will allow me to develop the skill set I need to achieve my career goals.

I hope to one day work in both the adult and pediatric emergency departments at a large academic center and pass on the fruits of my education and experience to the next generation of emergency physicians.

I love what I do, and I'm looking forward to the next few years in which I'll be able to build a strong foundation for my future career.

I know that I'll be able to provide as much enthusiasm and dedication to my program as I will gain knowledge and skill that I'll carry forward.

Preliminary survey results suggest this unusual occurrence is due to high-quality personal statements being submitted this year.

The Internal Medicine Program Director from Massachusetts General Hospital was quoted in the report saying, “I’ve talked to multiple program directors from top programs in various specialties and we are all just blown away by the well-written, genuine, and compelling personal statements from applicants this year.” One medical student who received interviews at all 95 programs she applied to explained, “You know, I had spent weeks getting nowhere with my personal statement until I came across this perfect formula on the internet forums.” Other students reached for comment have said, “This approach to writing my personal statement really resonated with me” and “I feel like I totally found my voice with this formula.” Fortunately, through a source requesting to remain anonymous for fear of passive-aggressive retribution from gunners, we obtained a copy of this game changing and inspirational personal statement formula attached below.


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