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When we arrived, we dashed into the jungle, wanting to explore its length and breadth. The rabbit got tired of running and decided to hide in its . We obediently followed our parents at first but found it boring. It was only then that we realized that we did not know where we were. I began to cry as I was feeling tired, hungry and sleepy. The trees looked unfamiliar and there were no more jungle paths for us to follow. My brother comforted me by letting me sleep on his lap.

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Would it not be better perhaps to learn the languages more commonly spoken in our part of the world?

In fact the most populous country in the world is China which accounts for more than fifty per cent of the world's population.

Rick's is a whiz with mathematics and he helped me complete the homework in record time. Fortunately my books were in a plastic bag and they should be fine. It was foolish of me to do cycle under such dangerous conditions as visibility was very low.

As it was getting towards dinner time, I decided to head on home about two kilometers away. So I decided that since I was already soaking wet, I might as well go all the way home on my bicycle. One moment I was going along quiet nicely, the next I found myself lying in a puddle of water beside the road.

My brother and I talked about all the bears, tigers and reindeer we were going to see.

We really thought that a recreational jungle was like any other jungle. We kept running, always keeping our eyes on the rabbit. My brother and I ran to our parents and embraced them emotionally.In Singapore, English is the National Language in a country with a mixture of races.Singapore is also a focal point for trade with the West in this part of the world.Altogether, there will be forty students and four teachers on this trip.We will need two rooms for the teachers (twin sharing).Before she left, Mum left strict instructions for me to finish my homework, take in the dry clothes and water the plants. Next, he relieved Mrs Lee of her gold chain and bracelet. Mr and Mrs Lee made a police report and thanked me profusely for my help.As I stepped out onto the porch and headed for the garden, I saw Mr Lee, my neighbor, behaving in a strange manner. I am writing on behalf of the English Language Society of SMK Taman Mesra.We are organizing a two-day-one-night motivational camp and have selected your hotel as the venue for the camp. We would like to know if you will be able to us for the period.the Chinese people don't speak English but rather Mandarin or their individual dialects.The answer would be that traditionally the cultures of the world have come to be.


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