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For example, you might say, "Learning how to adapt to life in the United States after spending the first 10 years of my life in Mexico was a challenge, but taught me how to overcome stigma, look past race and set goals for myself." Use transitions between paragraphs.A transition is one sentence that smoothly carries the reader from one paragraph to the next. Talk about your goals and weave your diversity story throughout.

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In a global marketplace diversity is theorised as a corporation that employs a diverse workforce in that includes both genders, people of many generations and those from ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds....

[tags: Racial Diversity, Ethnic Diversity] - “Demographics of the US population have changed dramatically in the last three decades.

Talk about your personal interests and motivations. The conclusion should sum up everything said in the essay and leave the reader with a sense of closure.

Give your essay to a professor or friend to proofread.

If you don't have enough information, elaborate on your strongest points. Include any other necessary documents such as an application, resume, letters of recommendation and high school transcripts.

Natalie Schwab is a professional writer with a bachelor's degree in journalism and business from the University of Arizona.Open a blank document in Microsoft Word and format your page.This is best to do at the beginning, so that you won't forget later.- Diversity and Business in the United States The demographics of the United States are changing at a rapid pace and consequently we are observing a “transformation in the culture and buying habits of this nation.” (Robinson, Pfeffer, & Buccigrossi, 2003) As a result, historically small niche markets are gaining an increasing prevalence within the U. marketplace and have substantially higher buying power.If companies are to continue to thrive in this modern economic environment they must be able to recognize and understand the implications of these demographic shifts....However, regardless of these trends, research has revealed the diversity practice's impact on companies performances linger absent (lacking)....[tags: Diversity ] - When America was founded, it was established on freedom and equality for all people.It's best to have as many eyes as possible read your paper, so that the first draft is mistake-free.Make any necessary corrections and read through the essay again, checking for spelling and grammar mistakes. If you've gone over, reread your essay and cut out anything redundant or that doesn't add to the essay.[tags: Diversity ] - The United States is one of the most diverse nations on the earth, originally conceived so, and often described as a great melting pot, as “all nations are melted into a new race of man, whose labours and posterity will one day cause great changes in the world” (St. Yet, despite the country’s diverse population, the workplace remains a place of inequality as women and minorities continue to earn less than their white male counterparts (U. I think that racial diversity is a good strategy, it also is a great way to learn about people of diverse cultures and how their principles can operate within one another.The most commonly ignored or unnoticed aspect of preservation of natural resources and economic development is human racial or cultural diversity....


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