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The negative experience of the discussion of constructive feedback to the disclosed information and participants’ unwillingness or reluctance to engage in the discussions.

According to the “Johari Window” context, conflict-based discussions have a tendency to provoke the development of “group-think” or “risky-cautions shift” when participants chose to fragment relevant information in order to avoid biases associated with the proposed solutions (Smith, 2005, n. Consequently, the team-members may experience “group conflict perceptual asymmetry” when there is different conflict perception among team-members in terms of individual level values and assumptions (Jehn et al., 2010, p. As a result, the negative towards conflicting discussions aimed at with adopting versions of risky choices by group-members when they withheld relevant information or became personally related to the content of conflicting discussions.

I was responsible for the functions of the subordinate and my role behavior was to coordinate the conflicting discussions and the direction towards the possible resolving outcomes. A multi-level examination of supervisors’ and subordinates’ personality and role behavior: Implications for work group effectiveness. Retrieved from The writer tried to sound like a professor, but instead sounded like a mumbling student who was trying to find his or her way through a complicated subject.

Further, I had to select the provided by the group-members during the discussion and provide the draft of the generated ideas as the solutions to the problems in question. There were more missing words than missing children in the world, and the grammar was done by a hipster would smoked too much marijuana.

Further, a group leader should help all members to understand the basic skills of handling conflicts as these may help to propel the group into high levels of effectiveness in Indeed, as a group leader, I had a responsibility to precisely define the scope of the presentation, document suggestions from team members and develop the structure of presenting the message.

Additionally, I had to provide all the required supporting evidence that proves the reliability of the emphasized data.

From the perspective of “the closed group” decision-making dynamics, this type of leadership involvement helps to reduce the complexity of manipulation associated with the conflicting discussions.

Additionally, employing decision-making dynamics in situations may benefit the opposing team members and enhance interdependence of the work-group in terms of strategic re-creation of the process implementation (Burnette and Forsyth, 2008, p. With the provision of differentiating value that comes along with impartial leadership, the group-work process based on the conflicting discussions would help to eliminate participants cognitive dissonance and fear of failure associated with the inappropriate suggestions. “I didn’t do it:” Responsibility Biases in Open and Closed Groups.

A conflict is constructive if the resolution adopted by the aggrieved results in the group making improved choices and creative resolutions.

Additionally, conflict leads to a better understanding of people and issues in a group as well as creative ways of taking advantage of opportunities and solving problems (Van Scotter et al., 2011).


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