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Everglades restoration must move forward this year.Another concern of many is the refueling of ships at sea.Animals all over the world are being abused in many different forms including suffering, exploitation, fighting, and testing.

The best way to alleviate the problem and save the Everglades is to contact Representatives and Senators with the message that Everglade restoration must follow through within the year.

The wildlife there is losing land and acreage daily.

They are in danger of many different ways that include abuse, testing, and fighting.

Animal rights do not only affect animals, but humans also. It is understood that animals can be used for human benefits, but in order to lower the risk of danger for animals and humans, there should be more strict penalties for animal cruelty and have equal animal rights.

Animals will be saved from the cruel treatments and can continue to live their lives the way humans have the rights to live theirs.

To help save animals there are many places to donate to keep them alive like PETA, PAWS, and the Humane Society. Here we'll explore some of the different underlying values that can direct conservation policy, and explain how they can create ethical dilemmas and disagreements.Wild animals have always been a critical resource for human beings.The best way to be rid of the horrible disaster of oil spills is to only refuel on land.This would greatly reduce the chance of spillage by 100 percent and ensure wildlife habitat protection. These swampy regions have always been in turmoil and in fear of being used for the ever-expanding human race.Approval for a historic resolution sailed through the House of Representatives but included a host of unrelated projects that could damage the environment elsewhere.That is a whole state of animals that is annihilated within a year for human satisfaction.There are faux furs that could be used instead of real fur that is similar in the look and touch.The United States will have equal penalties for all animal cruelty; therefore all animals everywhere will be safe from human killings and threats.Money will be saved from alternative testing and from leaving animals in their natural habitats.


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