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Despite what the comic book cognoscenti will have you believe, “mainstream” and “indie” are two very different camps with opposing sets of rules, further divided by splinter groups.

You may think these outmoded terms, especially in our age of such diversity, but to not admit that the world of American comics is split in two is just delusion dressed up as optimism.

Everything related to print comics (comic books, graphic novels, and strips) and web comics. News and media for adaptations based on comic books are welcome.

Read [the subreddit wiki](https:// for more information about the subreddit.

For more information see: One Small Break Fusion's son Francis Jeremy, Frankie to his family, died in an attempt to swing off a building just like his favorite superhero, Spider-Man.

Essay Bee Comics Fusion Nursing Philosophy Term Paper

In anger and sadness, Fusion blamed the Wall Crawler.

DIVISION LINES Before this dovetails into a discussion about whator anything from Fort Thunder.

The world of comics has gotten pretty expansive in the past decade, but there remain the two dominant categories in which all of it is shuffled under.

He then dares Thor to try to save him and prove that the Gods can step in, but Thor is pauses too long and Fusion blows up the building with himself and the god of thunder inside.

Thor is unharmed but Fusion seems to be incinerated, but Fusion has the power to make people believe his illusions so is he really dead or was this all an illusion.


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