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Who wants to be nervous and irritated every single day after a boring day at work?This can be caused by the wrong decision in choosing the career path.Whatever your topic is, ask yourself if you can really explore the topic and prove your point in the small amount of space you will have to fill. For example, 'the plays of Shakespeare' is not a topic you want to take on unless you're writing a 1,000-page book. Get an angle, such as 'the life of women enslaved in the South Carolina sea island rice plantations in the early 1800s differed drastically from other manifestations of slavery'. Some specific player's philosophy on practice and how it mainfested in his success could be a topic. Take a short break and then go back and see if any one idea or a few items pop outas a possibility. If you love a certain band, could you research something about their music, or one of the artists who inspired them? They will feel flattered that you asked them and will probably give some great ideas. You may even be able to use sections of what you wrote before or re-use the research.

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Whether its for a college scholarship, an essay, a writing sample or research paper, check our tips and other articles for more ways to improve your essay writing abilities.

Choosing an essay topic is one of the most important parts of writing a great essay or paper.

You could still refine further by selecting perhaps 3 characters to contrast. For example, instead of writing about slavery, refine the topic to a particular country, state, time period, or element of slavery. Do it right away, when you're energetic so the ideas will flow. For instance, if you wrote a paper about the history of soccer before, you could write a new one about the popularity of soccer in a certain country, and one section of the essay could be the history of soccer (your old paper condensed). Teachers talk to each other and this might not fly. Or if you have to turn in an essay and thesis statement in advance, just go with your best idea but keep searching for a better one.

If the essay was used in a different school or a for a different college class, it might work. If you can't find anything that thrills you, just pick something and get started. If you come across something better, most professors will let you change your topic.

When having to write an essay, students often find themselves between a rock and a hard place, so to say.

If their instructor gives them a topic to write a paper on, they feel unsatisfied, because the topic seems complicated or boring.Choosing a topic for an essay, research paper or writing assignment can be difficult.Read our tips for some easy ideas will help you improve the scores you find a topic for your essay and help you get a better grade on research papers.Many things require essay writing and if you choose the right topic, it will be easier to write your paper and it will automatically be better!College scholarships and applications, high school and middle school research papers, work at a university and jobs all require essays. Your reader can tell if you are interested in your own topic - your enthusiam will show through in your writing.That’s why, on one hand you should be sensitive to your family members’ suggestions, but on the other - “Listen to your dreams – those are the sounds no one else can hear.” (Kobi Yamada) Another key to happiness and satisfaction in your life is balance.Finding it can be a bit challenge to a lot of people.However, a paper that might be a little lacking in other ways (or one that was writtin the night before in an hour) can get bumped up to an A or get selected as the best just because of enthusiasm and passion in the writing. It will make the writing process faster and easier because you already have a lot of the information in your head. If your topic is what makes a great leader, start writing some words that remind you of a leader or write the names of leaders you admire and why you admire them. Open a dictionary and flip through, writing down interesting words or ideas that pop out at you. Often whatever it is that you do in your spare time could be merged into an essay topic. Google the topic and see what other people have written about the topic.That means less research on your part, less effort and it will be faster and easier to write the paper. Narrow your topic down to a manageble size, if you have an idea what you want to write about. If you have a vague idea of what you want to write an essay about but you don't know where to go with it or you need to clarify it, get some books from the library and flip through them for ideas. Look for images of the topic online and see what you find. Write down anything that pops into your head and keep writing until you have a good long list. If you play civilization-building games, research the real history behind one of the civiliizations. Ask a teacher, parent or a respected friend or mentor for some guidance or ideas on what to choose. Think about whether you have a topic you've written about before that you could re-use for this essay.Some people know ride away what they want to do in life, for others it’s an extremely difficult decision.Selecting the right career path, you need to be proactive about your decision because this choice will change your entire life!


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