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I will be arguing that religious experiences do not provide a basis for a belief for God or a greater power using scholars such as William James, Sigmund Freud and Anthony Flew to both appose and support my view.William James, an American Psychologist and Philosopher does support the belief of religious experience.

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Without a religious belief a religious experience would be unlikely.This suggests that religious experiences do not prove the existence of a greater power because the likelihood of having a religious experience is unlikely without previous belief.In conclusion, Religious experiences are very unreliable to assist in proving such a substantial argument in this case, existence of God or a greater power.It is near impossible to provide empirical evidence for their occurrence, and within the modern day, many people insist on receiving before accepting the truth.Events such as the Toronto blessing provide some form of evidence due to the size of the corporate experience.However, corporate experiences, where a group of individuals all experience the same thing can suggest that there is some validity to the event.The Toronto blessing is a case commonly used when in conversation of religious experiences.This event is supports the view that religious experience can provide a basic belief in a powerful being.On the other hand, this can be disproved with an example of mass hysteria, where they all believe they are experiencing the same thing when in fact they are mostly repeating behaviour they are witness too.He postulates that the experiences are hallucinations and do not give any supporting evidence for a greater power.Wishful thinking causes people to believe that they have experienced something that they may not have.


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