Essay Of Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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The story goes beyond these differences, though, to deal mainly with the way in which the two sisters value their heritage.

Maggie knows nothing but her heritage, for she has never left home.

Dee apparently has been running from her poverty stricken past since she was a child.

When the Johnson's house burnt down, Dee just stood from afar and watched. The demolished house and Dee's nonchalant attitude represents her detachment from her family and their prized possessions (Cowart 172).

Mother wanted to ask her "why don't you do a dance around the ashes? Dee physically separates herself from her family as soon as she is old enough.

She leaves town to attend college in search of a better lifestyle.

All of them will also agree that Mama chose to stand beside Maggie and supported her while she turned her back on Dee.

However, there is no universal agreement when it comes to who is right and who is wrong.

Alice Walker uses the characterization of Dee to show that heritage is something that one always has inside of them and can not be found in material objects.

Mother, the narrator of the story, explains Dee's personality and background.


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