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As-far-as poverty and backwardness is concerned, it is prevalent in all castes and not only in backward castes or scheduled castes and tribes.

Andrei Betcille, studies Indian caste system and cautioned against “Caste Rest-vation”, a noted socialist which is counter productive and widens the traditional gap.

The time for genuine and full empowerment of women is here and now.” (the Indian prime minister) asserted.

[IE] Dr Manmohan Singh is on the money when he identifies discrimination against women as one of the biggest problems that India faces.

and Janata Dal in their election manifesto promised to implement the recommendations of Mandal Commission and 27% reservation to backward classes within a year of coming to power.

All the other political parties including Congress (I) were also committed to implement the Mandal Commission. But this may explain why Indian politicians are excited about the move in the first place.Firstly, reservations and entitlements are not the best way for a democratic country to order its society.Besides it is a fallacy to believe that women legislators solve women’s problems better.And the idea of free and fair elections is for the electorate to choose who, in its combined opinion, is the best person for the job.The original pact on which the current reservation to SC/ST is based is 1932 Poona Pact between Dr. Accordingly the 1935 Constitution provided for reservation to the scheduled castes and tribes and also gave the definition of scheduled castes.The present Constitution has adopted the same details as found in 1935 Constitution regarding the definition.Interfering with the course of free and fair elections seriously undermines democracy.Secondly, reservations for women are ineffective from another, practical, point of view.No nation can stand proud if it discriminates against any of its citizens.Certainly no society can claim to be part of the modern civilized world unless it treats its women on par with men.


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