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First of all, by assigning you to write an essay, they want you to develop your writing skills.

We all know that writing essays helps us to express our thoughts easily.

Thus, it is believed that keeping the American Dream close at heart is necessary for anyone who calls themselves American. People from all around the world study, craft, and fortuitously land themselves in what is often considered the greatest country on Earth for the opportunity to be successful.

However, we must realize that what was once considered to be the American Dream is no more.

There are certainly many things one could say about "America the Beautiful." Not just the patriotic song always played on the Fourth of July, but America itself. It is also currently troubled, divided and in need of strong leadership, but what country isn't?

The things that plague America aren't immune to other countries.

If you are a true American college student, you will probably be assigned to write a Bob Dylan essay or baseball essay during your school days. That’s a rhetorical question as all of us know the answer to it.

Who else can be a better national hero for the USA than Bob Dylan and which game is more American than the baseball?

People begin to expect that one day, because of their efforts, they will become rich or affluent. We are considered as a reliable academic writing service; therefore, we do our best to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

This is despite the fact that several of our children’s peers are living in poverty, and our workforce is riddled with people living paycheck to paycheck. Don’t miss your chance to get an excellent essay on such an important topic!


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