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In these cases, the information that secures your credit and private matters can remain relatively secure.

It also keeps people from slandering or even libeling people who think and believe different from someone else.

Today censorship is regarded as the suppression of free expression, speech, the exchange of ideas and other expressions.

Censorship can be direct, indirect and self-imposed.

No decision is perfect but when censorship is applied with the wrong motives, it can have a very negative effect on everyone involved.

For example, when there is a definite compromise to the freedom of the press and speech, it may intrude on all areas of creativity and in the wrong hands it can easily be misused.The ability to communicate at a level that goes deeper than any other form of communication is at the heart of every television program we watch, every play or movie we see, and even every book or magazine we pick up to read.Still, many people do not fully understand what censorship actually means.Paul Sturges, Professor Emeritus, Loughborough University, UK (Professor Extraordinary, University of Pretoria, South Africa) has penned REGULATING THE PRESS: ENSURING RESPONSIBILITY, OR ROAD TO CENSORSHIP, a new article for the Beacon website. Sturges offers keen observations and raises questions about the difficulty of regulating the press and protecting freedom of expression.Arguing that press freedom and responsibility go hand in hand, Sturges uses content from the Beacon database to discuss the similarities and differences between regulation and censorship in different social contexts."This essay will focus mainly on the current British debate on press regulation, but also draw on content listed in the Beacon for Freedom of Expression database," Sturges notes.It is often hidden, and at times pointed out as sinister in its purpose.(2) While there are definitely some benefits to censorship, it does have its own drawbacks and flaws.In these cases, censorship protects the minds of the innocent and shields them from corruption before they are old enough to understand the real issues involved.You see this type of censorship in the rating of movies, the categorizing of books, or in the lyrics of certain music.The issue at times, has become so controversial that it has literally divided the nation into several different groups.Those who are for it base their arguments on the belief that with censorship there is balance and a clear understanding of proper language both written and spoken while those who are opposed claim that if permitted, the people lose their freedom of speech.


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