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When parents raise their children to follow the rules, those children are much more likely to succeed academically.Very often, students who haven’t been properly disciplined, struggle in school.In some countries around the globe, such as Norway and Sweden, elected officials have made it totally illegal for parents to spank their child.

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Also the same study said “72% of people surveyed still find it acceptable to punish a child by spanking them” (Canter).

These are very different conclusions than the one found by the other doctors and people asked above.

If one of your employees isn’t abiding by the company’s official harassment or discrimination guidelines, you could be sued.

Discipline in the workplace also helps to maintain optimal levels of employee productivity.

School serves not only to educate children but also to prepare them for lives in which they will be expected to be upstanding citizens.

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That means obeying the law, behaving well in their future careers, and treating others with the basic respect.

Although their parents may be the ones most responsible for instilling in them a basic behavioral code, children spend a substantial portion of their lives in school.

The immediate effect of disciplining children with behavioral issues may be to maintain an orderly classroom, but there are also long-lasting benefits when children are taught to follow the rules.

Once again, parents absolutely play a role in helping children develop positive traits, but teachers who place an emphasis on discipline will also help students become better citizens.

That said, parents can’t neglect discipline, assuming that their children will learn everything they need about obeying the rules at school.


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