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Since medicate manhandle and habit have such a significant number of measurements and upset such a large number of aspects of a person’s life, treatment is quite a challenging process (“Principles of Drug Abuse Treatment”).

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The variations of the brain might return to a normal condition not at once.

The brain and its structure might recover after long months or even years since the person has dropped using drugs.

Character and term of treatment depends on gender, age, culture, and other individual qualities of the particular patient.

Drug addiction is a reason of numerous crimes, diseases, and deaths.

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Principles of Drug Abuse Treatment for the Criminal Justice System In most cases, drug addicted people do not accept the truth of being addicted to a specific type of drugs.

The third principle of drug abuse treatment is the repeated programs of rehabilitation in five years after drug refusal.

The reason for that is that under the drug use the behavioral pattern of the person has changed eternally.

The treatment of drug addiction must help the individual stop using drugs, start life without drugs, and accomplish gainful existence in the family, work, and the society in general.

As the drug addiction remains illness, people require a long time to cut out drugs from their everyday routine.


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