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In the list of the three characters, Shakespeare depicted three distinctive attitudes to the concepts of a state and a ruler.He described loyalty mainly in these contexts, which each of the heroes viewed and followed due to their individual life principles and ideas.

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The character of Brutus reveals the political figure with the firm convictions and high moral beliefs, who thinks that other citizens also follow them.

He is a close friend of Caesar, who never doubted his loyalty to him.

To learn how loyalty is portrayed in the tragedy, read through our “ William Shakespeare is a prolific person in the field of literature and drama, who is well-known for his works with a realistic plot.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar belongs to a list of the plays marking the writer’s unique approach to depict the historical events without any additional context.

Shakespeare describes him as a frivolous person with the interests defined by relaxing and celebrations.

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Secondly, Antony demonstrates his carelessness about the state and the way Caesar consolidates his power over the people, which can be explained by his reliance on him and, perhaps, the absence of a desire to even think about the possible adverse outcome.In overall, Brutus loyalty bears a unique character due to his political and philosophical perspective, which is challenging to state about other characters connected with Caesar.Mark Antony has a sense of loyalty to Caesar, but in contrast to Brutus, it reveals differently.With the unique perspective, he attempts to acknowledge the particular patterns and possible vectors of development of his society.Only when he reaches a certain point and forms the strong view, Brutus can let himself have a specific attitude to events and people around him.These thoughts match the intentions of Brutus, although one thing makes the similarity between the characters impossible.The problem is that Caesar has no sympathy for Cassius in contrast to Brutus.The situation fundamentally changes after the assassination of Caesar.The critical fact of it is that it is Brutus idea which he shares with Antony.However, as Lucking (2014) states, “the explanation that Brutus has promised in order to satisfy Antony that the assassination was necessary will never be produced” (129).Now, being aware of the critical political situation in the country, Antony develops his perspective and forms a number of the firm principles.


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