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Energy shortage is the result of the power demand and supply gap.So what causes this gap to exist is the main question.As Pakistan faces several problems, the problem of load shedding too should be given top priority by the government officials.

Energy shortage is the result of the power demand and supply gap.So what causes this gap to exist is the main question.

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This is the result of our irresponsible leadership which otherwise would have worked at least to meet the internal demand, if not for export.

Now it is very urgent to make both short-term and long-term efforts for eliminating load shedding.

When the circular debts reach their peak the government intercepts by increasing the subsidy given to the power companies.

However this does not provide a permanent solution to the problem because the subsidies given are not sufficient to pull the power supply companies out of difficulty.

When demand of electricity in a certain area exceeds its generation, the supply is to be cut temporarily as a method of reducing the demand on the generators.

This temporary reduction in electricity supply is known as load shedding and less formally power cut. Records are lost and valuable machines break down when the power cut is sudden and uninformed. Schools and colleges cannot give their morning and evening classes particularly and students cannot do their homework either.

While imported oil was always expensive for power producers, the shortage of natural gas has added further to their miseries.

Natural gas always seemed to be in abundance in the country however in recent times the country has surprisingly faced natural gas shortages too.

The are worse in dry winter when power is available for less one third of the day.

It’s a real irony that Nepal with the potential of 83,000 MW of hydroelectricity has regular and long-hour load shedding.


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