Essay On Poverty In New Zealand

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We will be much better off actively shaping our future rather than following passively in the wake of the tsunami of change.

Now we have an economy that fails to pay many a reasonable wage or meet their material needs; that is driven by unsustainable debt, production and consumption; that rapidly degrades our ecosystem on which we depend, as documented by , the Government’s first comprehensive evaluation of our ecosystem.

We wash away each year some 200 million tonnes of top soil, the lifeblood of our economy’s primary sector, thanks to the way we use our land.

The eroded soil clogs up our streams, rivers, estuaries and shallow coastal waters, smothering their ecosystems, which are crucial parts of our own life-support system. Worldwide, we humans move more of the Earth’s surface each year than do natural processes because of the way we farm, quarry, build and reshape our environment in myriad ways.

We’re not the only ones trying to explode the myths.

Check out the Child Poverty Action Group’s Myths and Facts: Sole Parents and the DPB and Gordon Campbell’s Ten Myths About Welfare.

USA) and no formal agreement about exactly how to measure poverty.

There is general consensus however, that the strongest indicator of poverty is your level of income.

NZCCSS believes that any poverty measure set lower than this is too low (e.g.

the OECD uses a 50% measure for its international comparisons).


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