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A great way to start doing this is by demonstrating genuineness.A therapist displays genuineness by showing their true selves by not hiding behind their professional stature (Allen 1994).The great thing about this orientation is that it is a very directive and time efficient approach.

This is when the therapist gives complete and total attention to what a client says or means (Allen 1994).

A great way of doing this is by restating or paraphrasing what the client says.

The theoretical orientation that best suites my personal style is a combination of both client-centered and brief therapy.

In the first part of the paper, I try and describe the importance of developing a good client/therapist relationship using a client-centered approach.

A therapist can do this by sharing in the emotion a client may be experiencing.

Essay On Psychological

For example, during a session a client excitedly says that they have started getting back to work on time.

I like this approach the best because it helps the client to be more open and truthful with the therapist.

There are several techniques that I find important in developing this bond such as: genuineness, unconditional positive regard, accurate empathy, and active listening.

This can be described as the therapist’s ability to identify with the client (Allen 1994).

In doing this, the therapist is showing the client that they truly understand what they are going through.


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