Essay On Role Of Electronic Media In Educational Field

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In today’s advanced world, where everything is changing at lightning speed, mass media plays an important role.With that being said, education is also advancing day by day.Now, the mass media of information offers much more organization and sophistication in delivering information.

The present day world is facing two general problems-“information explosions” and the “population explosion”.

Information explosion means an explosion of knowledge.

It isn’t confined to the four walls of a classroom anymore.

Mass Media is responsible for this development to an extent.

One of the major drawbacks before mass media was a physical constraint but not anymore.

Mass media has reduced the distance and made the world smaller for good.Another huge advantage of current technological innovation in mass media is the increased memorization capability of students.Many scientific pieces of research have proven that transmitting lectures via an audio-visual format is quite effective.It was in the form of books, scrolls, documents, etc.As the world became more advanced and complex, the quality of education also enhanced.It is available at our fingertips literally, which saves a lot of time and energy.Therefore, it serves as a rather useful resource in the field of education.It has a far more positive impact on memorization capacity of the brain than merely an audio lecture.Above all, this is only possible because of the mass media.In other words, it is now within everyone’s reach and making the world a better place.Mass media allows storing information which can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


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