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From putting a lid on a saucepan to buying an electric car, here’s a list of ways to cut back your energy use, lower your bills and reduce your carbon emissions.Cape Town - Fin24 users offer tips on how to ease the impact of fuel costs and experts say hard-pressed consumers will benefit from the petrol price drop. It is more economical to use the aircon than driving with open windows.19.All grades of petrol and diesel prices will come down from Wednesday September 3. Accelerate downhill and maintain speed on inclines; roll to a stop sign.20.The summer fruits, such as peaches, plums and berries that stock markets in the dead of winter needed oil to fuel the thousands of miles they traveled on trucks, trains and ships.Globalization resulted in the stiff competition that made imports affordable, despite the costs inherent in long-distance shipping, due to cheap labor, and sometimes-lax agricultural safeguards.Worldwide, fewer and fewer agri-giants grow the food we eat.Alarmed about the trend, conservation-minded leaders and residents have started thinking differently about how we relate to our food supplies.Here are a few energy conservation methods to make sure the needle moves more slowly: How can we conserve energy resources in the workplace?Don’t leave all your good energy-saving habits at home when you go to work.For the biggest savings, add insulation in the attic.In fact, if a home is properly sealed and insulated, other measures, such as installing a high efficiency furnace may not be the best investment.


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