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If children were raised in a good or positive way, there is a very great probability that our society would be better off.

Hence, from my point of view, parenting should be a privilege for a better future not only for the children it own but also our society.

Even if Helene is not a good mother, but she is the one who give birth and raise Amanda all these time. Each of us hopes one day or another to have children; it is a difficult and lengthy process.

Some of us wait for the perfect time and / or the ideal partner, but for others it is an unexpected result, just a premature act.

Basically, children world views and mind were deeply shaped by their parents.

Most of the children exercise what their parents practice.Talking to a pupil can help a teacher understand a pupil’s life situation better.Some of them are from a broken family, while others don’t have parents and live with immediate relatives.There are circumstances that some pupils are voluntarily sharing their problem at home to their teacher.Teacher as a second parent will support their pupils by giving proper guidance.The topic with regard to discipline in modern schools is one of the popular issues in the present climate.There are people who believe that teacher should be responsible for youngsters’ discipline, whereas others hold the view of that parents should handle this particular predicament.It is they who correct the pupils if something went wrong like what they do on their own children.The teachers also play significant role in shaping the life of the pupils under their care.On the other side, Angie believed that Amanda will have a better childhood and future if she stays with Boston Police Captain and his wife but not Helene because they are better guardian compare to Helene and they love Amanda.In facts, Amanda seems happy staying with Boston Police Captain and his wife compare to her own mother Helene.


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