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An analysis of setting focuses on the role location plays in a story, such as creating mood, developing characters or serving as a symbol.

You can write an effective essay on literary setting by considering the specific ways the location influences the story and using clear examples with textual evidence. Often, setting creates the story's mood, or atmosphere.

The small town in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," where the townspeople sacrifice one person each year to ensure a good harvest, is symbolic of their adherence to tradition and resistance to change.

You can also write about how setting affects character.

To determine this, go back through the story and underline specific passages where the setting establishes mood, symbolism or character.

Take the most important three details and formulate your thesis.When you are writing about a bygone era or lost civilization, you can’t exactly take a Google Street View tour.In this case, borrow from factual books about the lives, art and architecture of your chosen place and time period.Write place like you would write a character: This advice comes courtesy of Suzannah Windsor Freeman’s excellent post on writing about place, ‘7 tips for writing about places you’ve never been’.As Freeman cautions, writing about a real world place you haven’t visited is risky.We give characters individual voices to make them feel real, so that the cast members of our novels don’t feel like two-dimensional carbon copies of each other.Just like a character, a place in your novel should have its own ‘voice’.Fictional settings have many uses:‘Place’ in a story has multiple purposes and effects: Time is an equally important element of setting: It would be incomplete to answer ‘what is story setting? Time in a story, for example the historical period or epoch the story spans, is equally vital: Now that we’ve clarified some of the functions of time and place in fiction, here are five tips on getting these elements of setting right: Let’s unpack these ideas: Research the place you are writing about thoroughly, if it’s a real-world location.If, for example, you’re writing about Ancient Rome, find books or websites that outline Ancient Roman architecture, society, customs and beliefs.If possible, find books written by people who inhabited your chosen place in the time you’re writing about.If, for example, you were writing about ancient Greece in the year 350 BC, you could read the writings of people who lived during this time (Aristotle, for example) to get a sense of how people expressed themselves and felt about their world.


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