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The forest is no longer Eichendorff’s one-dimensional text, searching itself in the circumjacent abysmally dark “other”.

The forest is no longer Eichendorff’s one-dimensional text, searching itself in the circumjacent abysmally dark “other”.It is no longer the alphabet of the “Soul” through which human perception can be read.

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The reality is that in April of this year, I was so far behind on rent that I had to host a 12-hour poetry reading to raise money on Go Fund Me. After I’d eagerly shared posts on social media about the work I’d been doing with my business, I was now admitting publicly that if I couldn’t raise the money, I would be homeless.

I had pushed for a college education, believing that with it came job security and the freedom to pursue my writing without the burden of poverty.

We drive by: brutalist social housing complexes, hardware stores, tree nurseries, beverage stores.

A few notes from the brown journal: the gaze is infinite, loses itself in the landscape (associations with Northern Germany, although there the fields and forests are woven into each other – here it is more separate).

Driving to the coordinates 52°27’39.8″N 13°50’22.9″E takes about an hour. It carries the number 78 and 79 (Note: inquire about the meaning of this). Around us: trees, birds, leaves, a bit of rubbish, small patches of grass, a perch, all surrounded by a fence. This forest is special, different than the ones around it: it is observing the name of the forest in which we stand with our smartphone cameras and our notepad. With these licenses, or “woodtokens”, the forest controls how much of itself is to be sold for forestry use.

At the moment it is still in a contractual relation with the three project-initiators Paul Seidler, Paul Kolling and Max Hampshire. With the benefits, the forest buys itself back, or rather: it buys shares from its stockholders (the project initiators).This doesn’t necessarily mean outside, in the jungle, the ruthless sun.It rather implies a direct confrontation with the very material.In so far as the depth of the dark forest mirrors the “labyrinth of mankind’s breast,“ the German Forest is a place for possible self-observation. They repeat themselves and constantly appear within his poetry.Not simply any kind of self-observation: the forest is a cryptogram (fig. The forest as symbolic space, as text whose vocabulary is the carrier of possible self-observation and -knowledge.“Sorry, they said we’ve got everyone we need for today.” The security guard smiled sympathetically, holding my driver’s license card out to me.I had woken at 6 that morning—took a shower, packed my lunch, and downed my coffee—before arriving at the gate of the Amazon warehouse.Eichendorff’s versing on the German forest is solely written in exchange with direct perception.The romantic projection of the “forest”, the almost mystical other in one’s own had to be seen, the ‘Waldeinsamkeit’ (loneliness of the forest) had to be felt.It does not relate to a material to be decrypted, the cryptogram. Thus, remote sensing does not really generate images. Like Eichendorff discovered words of his own, laid out on paper in his ‘Waldeinsamkeit,’ the now autonomous blockchain-algorithm-forest observes itself calculating.With a forest as a numeral plain, self-observation means numbers watching other numbers.


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