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Visitors will marvel at the diversity of the island, from Mauna Loa with its snow-capped peaks at over 14,000ft and Mauna Kea host to Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world.

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Can you imagine 11 hours on EZ-Life Airlines with a CD walkman and waiters?

After landing in Hawaii I would then take a limo to the luxurious Beachwood Hotel just ten minutes from the fabulous beach of Hawaii.

It's the perfect place to get away from the reality of every day life and the stress that goes along with it, and the choices and ideas of the “perfect vacation” are as varied as the people who dream about them.

Some fantasize about lazing on a warm, sunny beach with soft ocean breezes and a cold exotic drink at their side.

If not, just decide what you would like to eat at the moment and go from there.

There, really, is no right or wrong when you vacation at home.

Some dream of forests and wildlife, cool running streams, and fresh mountain air that is thick with the scent of pine.

There are those whose ideas of the perfect dream vacation involves the thrill of stock car racing mixed with the roar of the crowd, the smell of fuel and hot asphalt that's Scented candles are a must and will add a relaxing atmosphere to any pampering session.


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