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"Like 99% of economists since the days of Adam Smith, I am a free trader down to my toes," he wrote back in 2001. remains an implacable opponent of tariffs and trade barriers.Politicians heeded this advice and, with occasional dissents, steadily dismantled barriers to trade. Blinder has changed his message -- helping lead a growing band of economists and policy makers who say the downsides of trade in today's economy are deeper than they once realized. But now he is saying loudly that a new industrial revolution -- communication technology that allows services to be delivered electronically from afar -- will put as many as 40 million American jobs at risk of being shipped out of the country in the next decade or two.

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"This is something factory workers have understood for a generation," he says.

The original idea was spawned in the Training Council of the European Youth Parliament and a first protopype was built in October 2012.

Lawrence Summers, a cheerleader for trade expansion as Clinton Treasury secretary, says people who argue globalization is inevitable and retraining is enough to help displaced workers offer "pretty thin gruel" to the anxious global middle class.

Others are finding the debate moving closer to positions they've had for years.

I was a total beginner in programming and I got this app launched in one year, in big part thanks to the Python for entrepreneurs course. Before the NFL season starts, players choose which teams they think will win each NFL division and which NFL players will lead in five statistical categories.

Unlike traditional fantasy football where players have to set a lineup weekly, NFLPool players just make their picks before the season starts and watch it play out.And we do all that in python - from the site's infrastructure and database to the data analysis; from the data cleaning to the data vizualisation.Plus, python being amazing, we automated a big part of that pipeline so that we can focus on the analyses.Some trade critics are bothered by the disappointing performance of Latin America since it slashed tariffs in the 1980s and 1990s while more protectionist China and Southeast Asia sped ahead.Others are struck by the widening gap between economic winners and losers around the globe.Blinder how pleased her company was with the securities analysts it had hired in India.From New York Times' columnist Thomas Friedman's 2005 book, "The World is Flat," he found anecdotes about competition to U. workers "in walks of life I didn't know about." Mr. At a Council on Foreign Relations forum in January 2005 he called "offshoring," or the exporting of U. jobs, "the big issue for the next generation of Americans." Eight months later on Capitol Hill, he warned that "tens of millions of additional American workers will start to experience an element of job insecurity that has heretofore been reserved for manufacturing workers." At the urging of former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Mr.Blinder wrote an essay, "Offshoring: The Next Industrial Revolution? "The old assumption that if you cannot put it in a box, you cannot trade it is hopelessly obsolete," he wrote."The cheap and easy flow of information around the globe..require vast and unsettling adjustments in the way Americans and residents of other developed countries work, live and educate their children."...Harvard economist Dani Rodrik says global trade negotiations should focus on erecting new barriers against globalization, not lowering them, to help poor nations build domestic industries and give rich nations more time to retrain workers. Blinder's job-loss estimates in particular are electrifying Democratic candidates searching for ways to address angst about trade. "He's dead wrong," says Columbia University economist Jagdish Bhagwati, who will debate Mr."Alan, because of his stature, provided a degree of legitimacy to what many of us had come to feel anecdotally -- that the anxiety over outsourcing and offshoring was a far larger phenomenon than traditional economic analysis was showing," says Gene Sperling, an adviser to President Clinton and, now, to Hillary Clinton. Blinder at Harvard in May over his assertions about the magnitude of job losses from trade. Bhagwati says that in highly skilled fields such as medicine, law and accounting, "If we do a real balance sheet, I have no doubt we're creating far more jobs than we're losing." Mr. The original Industrial Revolution, the move from farm to factory, unquestionably boosted living standards, but triggered an enormous change in "how and where people lived, how they educated their children, the organization of businesses, the form and practices of governments." He says today's trickle of jobs overseas, where they are tethered to the U. by fiber-optic cables, is the beginning of a change of similar dimensions, and American society needs similarly far-reaching changes to cope. Mankiw's point that the economics of trade are the same however imports are delivered.


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