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Aside from receiving the Medal of Honor from the president, Gump also became a household name when he did a fun run that became a national event.Although he was mentally retarded Forrest Gump had another quality in him and it is the innocence and the graciousness of a gentleman.He only wanted to make other around him comfortable and because of that his disability never became a stumbling stone for him and instead it became a stepping stone to success.His mother took care of him and never gave up on him.Although the world sees him and treated him as a person with disability his mother refuses to back down and wanted nothing more but to see his son grow up, receive education and enjoy life as a normal person would.She opposed everyone who said that her son will amount to nothing.It was her love that instilled in Forrest Gump the faith that everything is possible.According to the World Health Organization mental retardation is under a group of health problem called developmental disabilities (WHO, 2010).It is generally understood as the failure of the brain to mature and grow correctly and as a result affects the whole person.In short he was financially secure something that is almost impossible to achieve for someone with a below average IQ.Needless to say the movie was not believable but it must be pointed out that the movie did not create a stereotyped character in fact it tried to show the opposite – a disabled man who became world famous and earned a lot of money.


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