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Being that young and immature, I could not simply grasp the fact that African Americans were looked at as if they were the problem....

Being that young and immature, I could not simply grasp the fact that African Americans were looked at as if they were the problem....

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Topics in the lecture that stood out were racial inequality and social movement.

When it comes to racial inequality, I witnessed a similar situation while in undergraduate school....

A lot of the information in the readings are what people experience daily or witness with their own eyes.

The issues going on with class, gender, and race can be upsetting and hard to grasp because the reality of the matter is we live in a very segregated and divided society.

Another meaning of racial inequality would be the advantages and disadvantages that affect different races within the Unites States.

Race has become a socially constructed category capable of restricting or enabling social status.There are those who thrive and have opportunity to be successful and there are those who can only dream of opportunity and success; the haves and the havenots.When looking at contemporary America, racial and socioeconomic inequalities are most prominent....Racial inequality can lead to diminished opportunities, which can also lead to cycles of poverty and political problems....[tags: Racism, Race, African American, United States] - What happened to Jim Crow racism.The idea that blacks are better off today than 50 years ago, but will not reach the superiority as whites hold in many institutions.Color-blind racism ideologies operate in four frames which is abstract liberalism, biologization of culture, naturalization of racial matter, and minimization of racism....[tags: Racial segregation, Racism, Race, Inequality] - When I was a child, my view on segregation was very limited to what my parents saw. However, as I became older my eyes slowly unraveled how crooked the world really is and or was at that time.During that time, to my knowledge everyone was equal to everyone. As a white child, growing up in a suburban neighborhood within a very conservative household, I was an easy target to be a convict of being racial.Then I will provide my reaction to what he said and finally I will present an alternate argument.The author provides some theories in explaining why racial inequality exists and how it continues to exist....


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