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(2) Potential endorsers who are more likely to participate tend to be less effective.

(3) Which characteristics are associated with effectiveness depends on whether success is measured in likes, comments, or retweets.

How do users protect themselves through the forest of privacy options so they can get the most out of Facebook, My Space and Twitter with the least amount of risk?

The more information a user gives to the social network the greater risk that someone could misuse or steal information.

However, this effect is moderated by the novelty of information.

The second chapter strives to understand what affects paid endorsers’ participation and effectiveness in social advertising campaigns.

The person who doesn’t have access to television at places like offices, hostels, classrooms, and vehicles can all learn about breaking news through social media.

Today a few people read the newspapers as the social networking websites have become a source of news to them.

Is it an invasion of privacy, if we place our private thoughts and photos on social websites and other people besides out friends and family view it?

Who really reads the terms of use and conditions in a privacy statement online? If we had to read each and every single line, no one would ever sign up on a social networking site.


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