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As a reader of the story there isn't much we know about the narrator, but we can clearly indicate that he is insane.In the introduction he explains how mad he is, and how he became this way. I heard all things in heaven and in the earth" (par.1).

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To allow an easy appreciation Poe chose Beauty to be the th... Poe's work has made a huge impact on American and International literature. John Chua, from the reference book Short Stories for Students, explains how in many of Poe's stories, including The Tell-Tale Heart, he uses the concept of a nemesis appearing as a doppelganger, which basically is a double (233). "Poe" The story "The Tell-Tale Heart" written by Edgar Allan is a story about a man's progressive insanity.

in a row, he finally kills him, cuts the body into pieces, and hides them under. When the police arrives the next morning to inquire.

about a scream heard by neighbors during the night, the narrator is very. "would a madman have been so wise as this", the narrator appeals to the readers.

All we know form the narrator is that the story takes place in an old mans home that was most likely to be a wealthy home.

Also we know that the old man had a glass eye, which in my perspective symbolized the narrator's insanity.


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