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We leave them there for a while, and then we start to throw things at them'” (Dowbiggin 75-6).

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In his introduction to the tenth-anniversary edition of , poet Richard Harrison discusses the origins of hockey.

There has long been a debate over whether hockey first developed and was played in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Kingston, Ontario, or Montreal, Quebec.

All creation myths have a place for the way their people experience not just the light and the dark of the seasons of the day, but the light and the darkness in themselves.

Hockey’s simplicity and childish roots offer us the play that we love for its own sake; its skills and speed give us what we admire in those dedicated to excellence.

Physical aggression, conflict, and violence have long been inherent elements of sporting endeavors, dating back to Roman and medieval contests such as gladiatorial sports, chariot races, and jousting.

Current anecdotal and empirical evidence suggests a link between participating in aggressive contact sports and an increased risk of using violence both in and outside of sporting events.

Indeed, although historians and hockey lovers debate where the first game make have taken place, no one questions the fact that the game develops Canada or, perhaps even that Canada develops out of the game.

As Harrison puts it, “Hockey emerges in the Canadian past at the time the Canada we lived in then as separate communities was being made into Canada we live in now as a people.

As inherently competitive undertakings, games and matches often inspire intense rivalry and conflict between athletic opponents that can involve physical intimidation and altercations.

Athletes in sports characterized by tacit or overt support for verbal and physical intimidation during sporting contests may be at risk for having these behaviors spill over into other arenas of their lives, such as intimate relationships.


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