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Other than the environmental impact studies, the company should spearhead an electric fleet of vehicles, if that is viable.

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It also changed its lunch break policy, as well as the practice of hiring illegal labor.

This has kept negative press about Wal-Mart largely out of the news, and the company has been viewed as helping Americans support themselves and find work during the recession.

The public relations efforts should have been there from the start, but I suppose an increase in environmental awareness and the ability to organize lobby groups through mediums such as the Internet, has increased the power of those who oppose Wal-Mart.

This is an evolution that Wal-Mart wasn’t prepared for.

Wal-Mart has made changes to its practices, particularly since after the case study was written.

The company now has to complete economic impact studies, and it has to have a close eye on its environmental footprint.

For example, the company needed to make a video in response to a damning video against the company.

Many of the issues are resolved in the courts, as the so-called transgressions of Wal-Mart are brought to light.

They are either settled in court or with out-of-court settlements.

The courts also play a role in determining if Wal-Mart is in neglect of the environment, for example.


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