Example Of Literature Review In Research Paper

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A research question is an answerable, focused question that helps to limit the scope of your research and writing within a broader topic.

Your research question needs to be answerable within your word limit.

Each reference should be checked carefully for errors.

Every in text citation must have a listing in the references and every title in the reference list should connect to an in-text citation.

The video below contains tips for writing a good research question.

Paraphrasing and summarising are key skills required in a literature review.It also allows others to retrieve the publications you cite.Errors made in authors’ names, journal or article titles, page numbers and dates may present barriers to retrieval of articles and may prevent giving credit to authors for their work.Literature reviews can be stand-alone documents, or they can form part of a research proposal or project.A stand-alone literature review aims to summarise and evaluate the current knowledge of a specific topic, whereas a literature review that forms part of a research proposal or project also describes the gaps in the current knowledge that the project aims to address.For more information on how to paraphrase and summarise effectively, please see the citing and referencing tutorial on the Research and Learning Online website.In literature reviews, you may want to summarise similar findings by including several sources within a single citation.Within the review, you need to identify patterns, consensus, inconsistencies, discrepancies, problems or gaps based on the body of literature.Ultimately, the literature review will contribute something new to the topic, so it will not be a discussion that has been repeated or previously established in the past.It is suggested that this introductory section be no longer than two pages in length.The purpose is to lead your reader further into the body of the literature review.


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