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To solve the problem, first assign each of the assignments to a category, and then select the categories in steps 9 and 10 instead of the individual assignments. Alternatively, several columns can be assigned to a category at a time by following these steps: Assigning Multiple Columns to a Category.Note that the extra credit columns should still be selected individually, not assigned to a category. Unfortunately, Blackboard calculates weighted grades as a ratio of weighted points earned, to weighted points possible.

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No matter what reason you have for offering extra credit ideas this year, take a look at some of our top ideas to implement in your classroom this spring.

Current Events Report This is great for a social studies class especially, but can be used in any subject.

Science Fair Project Some schools require students to participate in the science fair, but if yours isn’t one of them, you can offer extra credit to your science students when they do a science fair project.

Make sure they have the guidelines and requirements before they begin, and make sure their project idea and science experiment is approved before they start the process.

The best way to add an extra credit assignment which not all students may complete would be to add a column in your Blackboard Grade Center and assign the score of 0 points to it.

The added Extra Credit column then manually needs to be added to the Total.Have your students research a current event and write a report on it.It’s up to you if you allow them to use sensitive or political subjects, but be sure to lay out the guidelines for them on what you require.Thus, a student who earned 89% could receive a 90%.In this case, it is best to create a column for the final grade and manually type the adjusted final grade into it.If the weighted Points Possible is 55 points, an increase of 1% would be .55 points.Then, the extra credit can be added according to the appropriate ratio.Students tend to get into panic mode around March and April, and start stressing about their final grades.While some teachers don’t offer extra credit, it can be a great bonus for some students who are extra hard working or who might need a little extra help at the end of the year.Business Letter Especially great for language arts classes, having your students write a business letter is a great extra credit assignment.Have them pick a real business and write a letter to them about anything they choose.


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