Family Narrative Essay

However, some family narratives are written as histories to be passed on, and might be written for the sake of telling the story alone.

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A narrative essay makes its point, or thesis, by telling a story.

The story is usually true for the narrative essay, and might be an example, a case study, a way to organize an interview, or a way to show history through narrative.

The novels Ceremony (Leslie Marmon Silko) and Beloved (Toni Morrison) both use narrative strategies that circle around a central moment of the story, revealing it in layers.

Anyone who wants to learn about narrative writing needs to read narratives--from histories to memoir (autobiography) to fiction.

While it is common to write a narrative in chronological order (the order of time unfolding), it is not unusual for narrative writing begin in rising action and then unfold earlier times as they move forward.

This is a familiar narrative writing strategy from the movie flashback.

Experienced writers often experiment with narrative strategies that at once unfold the story (or plot), reveal a theme, and hold the reader's attention.

The movie Memento provides a unique narrative in that it moves backward through time as the main character uses a strategy to overcome his amnesia.

It comes from the memories of the writer, recounting stories of interest to others.

Again, as with the narrative essay, memoir writing reveals themes and points that go beyond the mere telling of the story.


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