Farewell To Manzanar Essay

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Confused and angry, he cannot understand how and why such things can happen in America.Although it is not his place of birth, he clearly expresses his willingness to support America’s efforts.She is being torn between who she is, who society thinks she is and who her father wants her to be.

Confused and angry, he cannot understand how and why such things can happen in America.

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Yet, even after pleading his case, he is deemed guilty, wrongfully convicted and his family detained.

As Jeanne recounts throughout her narrative, her father is not alone.

In fact, her father indoctrinates her not to label or group herself with others.

Papa is a successful fisherman who owns a nice home and seems to be embracing and living a very comfortable lifestyle.

Manzanar serves as a symbol of suffering, pain, disconnection and isolation for Jeanne.

As she recalls the various events that transpire there, she also recognizes that these experiences have deeply shaped her.This idea of being singled out is foreign to Jeanne and she begins to internalize and question why she is hated for something that she cannot control.Instead of seeing herself as a young girl innocent and oblivious to the political affairs of adults, she is forced to address her racial identity because of how poorly society treats her.Prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Jeanne sees herself as an American.There were very few, if any, ways that she differentiated herself from her peers and members of her neighborhood and community.Upon his migration to the United States, he attends college and law school, establishes a business, works hard, buys a house and provides for his family.All of these are desirable acts that are often associated with the American “rags-to riches” story or the American Dream.There were many productive and law-abiding citizens, many of whom are American born, who are either arrested and/or interned without just cause.These individuals have committed no crime or offense other than being a part of one of the ethnic groups that America is fighting against in World War II.Isolated and detached from life as they knew it, the members of Mazanar have to find ways to work collaboratively in order to survive and to maintain their dignity and pride.When forced to live in subpar conditions, including unsanitary and public restrooms, they discover how to make the best of a worse-case scenario.


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