Frankenstein As A Gothic Novel Critical Essays

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The very creation of the creature can be seen as evil or gothic In numerous ways: it was formed from dead criminal’s body parts that Victor stole, Its creation was illegal, forbidden and unholy and yet created in an abandoned church (sacred place) and It was created out of insanity and immoral desperation.

Also, at the instant of creating the creature Victor regrets every moment he spent working on it; he is clearly a confused and perhaps evil man.

The themes of death and murder; again play an important role in Frankenstein, the deaths of Justine and Caroline and the murders of William and Elizabeth.

These deaths can be considered as evil, disturbing and upsetting, especially when all the deaths are of people very close to Victor and they are all as a result of his work and wrongdoing.

In conclusion all aspects of the deaths in Frankenstein can be seen as gothic.

The use of pathetic fallacy in Frankenstein can be described as gothic.

Mary Shelley's tale of creation and destruction has claimed a central place in Anglo-American culture since its first publication in 1818.

Along the way, Frankenstein has come to stand for the genre we call Gothic.

Victor’s emotions at this point are summarised in the following extracts; ‘I beheld the accomplishment of my toils with an anxiety that almost amounted to agony’.

Shelley clearly wants the reader to acknowledge Victor’s ‘anxiety’ as she uses language that, at the time of print, would have been understood as more powerful then it would be in a modern society.


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