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The GAMSAT exam is the main testing system used for entry into Australian, UK, and Irish medical schools, and is held every year in Australia in late March and in the UK and Ireland in September of each year.

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Section II of the GAMSAT asks students to compose two pieces of writing in response to two separate sets of stimuli (quotes).

Section II of the GAMSAT is basically asking you to read and comprehend a number of quotes (these may be statements or questions) that often provide multiple points of view on a particular topic, and to then synthesise these disparate (different) views into an integrated piece of writing.

This piece of writing should demonstrate critical and reflective thinking skills (more on the balance of each of these for either ‘type A’ or ‘type B’ essays later).Perhaps spend more time on other sections of the test that you think you might find more challenging.However, if you are pretty much freaking out about Section II but have your sciences sorted to a tee, it makes sense to make Section II a priority.Remember the principles of SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goal setting, and that more study does not necessarily equal better study.Below is a sample week by week GAMSAT planner that you might want to use to plan your Section II study alongside your study for Sections I and II.Possible explanations include: By putting yourself in the shoes of those who have designed and written the GAMSAT, and considering why certain elements have been included, you will be better positioned to streamline your preparation and achieve the best possible score in Section II.As a follow on from the above points, it pays to think carefully (and critically!Perhaps the first major point to make about the two sets of quotes provided is that they are (usually!) slightly different in terms of the kinds of topics that they revolve around.There is a blank version of this table (template 1) contained in the ‘templates’ section at the back of this guide for you to utilise in planning your GAMSAT study.As noted above, you will receive a number of quotes (these might be statements or questions) that all relate to a particular topic and will all (usually!


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