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Length and size of qualification: 2 year single course Timetable hours: 4.5 hours per week Assessment method: 2 x 2.5 hour exams plus 2 projects BHASVIC Department: Media and Performing Arts The course is a combination of theory, research and practical application, needing good written and communication skills.At A level you will undertake critical analysis of a range of different media forms including television, advertising, print media and online media; applying a variety of theoretical approaches, along with an understanding of media language investigating how texts position audiences to respond in particular ways.

Media Studies will help you increase your knowledge and understanding of: Media Studies information is not always to be found in textbooks.

You need to take the principles that you learn in class and apply them to the media that you find around you.

If you're looking for resources for teaching media texts within English, head to our Media texts library.

Here you'll find resources for studying newspapers, magazines, leaflets and films within English.

How do you know how much you have been influenced — consciously or subconsciously — by these media messages?

Does the media reflect your reality, or control the way you view it?Qualification: GCE A Level in Media Studies Exam Board: WJEC; Specification Course Entry Requirements: C/4 in English Language GCSE and C/4 in Media Studies GCSE if taken Please make sure that you have understood the overall entry requirements to study at BHASVIC.These are available here and outline the GCSE grades you need to take up one of the Programmes of Study at the college.It's been said that media literacy is as important to living in the 21st century as regular literacy was to the 20th century.Media Studies helps you develop an important set of skills that will help you navigate the rest of your education and then, your working life.And the students could apply it to their own research after you’ve worked through some of the examples." These are essential creative approaches, planning, marking, assessment and display materials.Our featured Resource templates and Revision Resources are versatile and creative resources that you'll find you can reuse again and again, whatever you're teaching!Our resources provide you with creative teaching ideas and activities for your English class.If you're a subscriber, you can adapt them to make them perfect for your students and your teaching objectives.Additionally you will carry out an individual practical production, for example a music video, which is heavily weighted in terms of theory and analysis.Practical work is worth 30% of the final grade; two written examinations.


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