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This sample Globalization Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.Like other free research paper examples, it is not a custom research paper. Global Networks: Applications and Empirical Evidence IV.

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Countries that are trade partners, for instance, because they actually trade more with each other, are less likely to enter into conflictual relations with one another.These are unifying and conflict-ridden forces within globalization, which can generate remarkable opportunities for affluence, peace, and democracy but also threats for divergence, business supremacy, and lack of consideration for world citizens and civilizations.Globalization has always been equated by many analysts with economic interdependence (Bhagwati, 2007).In fact, economic globalism involves long-distance flows of goods, services, and capital, as well as the information, perceptions, and organizational processes carried by market exchange.However, social and cultural globalism involves the movement of ideas, information, images, and peoples behind it, such as the movement of religions or the diffusion of scientific knowledge.Unexpectedly, what first appeared as an isolated real estate-related crisis had severe global effects.It generated losses everywhere, and for instance, in the case of the United Arab Emirates, particularly the Emirate of Dubai, it prompted emergency meetings at the highest level of local finance and huge rescue packages orchestrated by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and it led eventually to a general loss of confidence in the United Arab Emirates real estate market and the efficacy of the country’s economic model (Davidson, 2009).As such, globalism refers to networks of connections, involving not only regional networks but networks of interdependence at multicontinental distances.Interdependence refers therefore to any situation characterized by dialectical effects among countries or actors in different countries (Oneal & Russett, 1997).Indeed, nowadays, the extent and level of global economic relations appears to be unparalleled in world history, mainly in terms of the immense quantity of capital flows.Emergent countries, also, are progressively becoming a part of global business and investment flows.


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