Handyman Business Plan

For purposes of this business plan, we are assuming a per–incident fee of with no discounts.

All outside vendors will be pre-screened for their professionalism and expertise.

When additional services are needed, "I'm the Man!

The Company intends to become a trusted source of information much the same way Consumer Reports does in its magazines—but with a personal touch—available to callers immediately when they want it by simply making a phone call.

The goal of the Company's business model is to establish a customer base before hiring personnel or taking on investment in physical assets so that the Company grows with the demand for its services.

The customer may then choose whether or not to utilize "I'm the Man!

" Handyman Services to implement any recommendations made, which would be done for an additional fee.Calls received Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. will be returned within four hours, and off–hour calls will be returned within 12 hours, unless the caller specifies they are willing to pay an extra fee to expedite the process.The pricing structure for the Making It Easier Line most likely will focus on a per incident fee with discounts for purchasing multiple calls in advance.The Company expects that a significant portion of calls to the telephone hot–line may be in relation to computers and technology and will gear up for this accordingly.However the Company will not heavily market itself as a computer and technology help desk.This business plan describes a comprehensive handyman service targeting busy or tool–impaired home owners and apartment dwellers.It raised 0,000 for the company's owner, who plans on someday franchising his concept nationwide.A leading help–desk software package will be utilized to track client problem resolutions, so that over time, the Company will build a collection of fixes for specific problems.Further, consultants will be available to be dispatched within 24 hours to address problems that callers don't wish to handle themselves and are willing to pay to have done for them.It consists of a telephone hot–line combined with concierge–type services to provide assistance to people in reducing life's complexities.The telephone hot–line will be initially staffed 40 hours per week with after hour on–call services at an additional fee.


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